Timeline: How Zynga became a $9 billion company
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Timeline: How Zynga became a $9 billion company

www.reuters.com   | 16.12.2011.

(Reuters) - Zynga Inc's started trading on Nasdaq on Friday, less than five years after the company was founded and rose to prominence with games that were easy to play on Facebook such as "CityVille" and "FarmVille."
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Here's a look at how Zynga, founded by serial entrepreneur Mark Pincus, went from being an obscure company called "Presidio Media" in 2007 to the games powerhouse valued at $9 billion today.

April 2007 Mark Pincus and Eric Schiermeyer found Presidio Media.

Fall 2007 Company releases poker game on Facebook.

Feb 2008 Company is renamed "Zynga" after Mark Pincus' dog "Zinga."

June 2008 Zynga comes out with "Mafia Wars" on Facebook.

Nov 2008 Company releases first mobile game "Poker Live" on iPhone.

June 2009 FarmVille launches on Facebook.

May 2010 Zynga and Facebook enter a 5-year agreement.

Nov 17, 2010 Zynga releases CityVille, which is currently the top Facebook game.

Dec 2010 Zynga acquires "Newtoy" the maker of the game "Words With Friends".

August 2011 Zynga's valuation rises to $14.05 billion (based on a third party valuation listed in a November '11 prospectus).

Jan 2011- May 2011 Zynga goes on buying spree and acquires FloodGate Entertainment, MarketZero, Wonderland Software, Sapus Media and DNA games.

Dec 2 2011 Zynga says it is planning to sell IPO s hares $8.50 and $10 each, to raise $925 million.

Dec 15 2011 Zynga sells 100 million shares at $10 per share in the IPO, the top end of the $8.50 to $10 indicative range

Dec 16, 2011 Shares to begin trading under the symbol "ZNGA" on Nasdaq

(Reporting By Liana B. Baker)

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